Omega – The Dual Extrusion Workhorse 3D Printer

Multi-Material Extrusion, Dual Head, 1 Year FULL warranty

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Omega 3D Printer is a true workhorse supported by the E3D Dual Extrusion All Metal Hotend

Original Dual Extrusion Hotend from E3D

Omega 3D Printer is backed by E3D All Metal Chimera + hotend, which enables printing of complex materials such as ABS, NYLON, PLA+ and even carbon fiber composites.

Print Seamlessly with multiple materials

Omega 3D printer can support two-filaments to print a same model alternatively the second nozzle can be used to print water soluble support structures

Large Build Volume

The Omega encompasses a large build volume of 300x250x320mm for all your 3D printing needs. You can print multiple parts on Omega 3D printer without worries.

Reliable and Robust components

The Omega printer is built using high quality shafts, lead screw and other machined components from MISUMI. Quality in every perspective.

Powerful Makerbase Boards with Large Touch screen display

Omega 3D printer is powered by original Makerbase controller boards and comes integrated with a touch screen display. Using a 3D printer could never get any easier.

Bigger, Powerful Motors

The motors used on Omega 3D printer is custom made with a longer body than other 3D printers. This ensures longer printing hours with better torque and less heat generated.